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DIY Colouring kit Journey of River Brahmputra

DIY Colouring kit Journey of River Brahmputra

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Dimensions: 32*24*2 CM

Educational DIY Colouring and Learning Activity Kit about Rivers Of India for 9 years+ Delve into the fascinating world of India's rivers and explore their historical, cultural, and ecological significance with this immersive do-it-yourself kit.

This kit is designed to foster a holistic understanding of the rivers' importance in Indian culture, history, and ecosystems. It encourages critical thinking, research skills, and a deeper appreciation for environmental stewardship.

From this kit you will make a beautiful pop-up cityscape and landscape along the journey of River Brahmaputra from its origin till where it flows into the sea.

Perfect for homeschooling, classroom activities, or family learning sessions, this kit provides an engaging and interactive educational experience.

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Includes 11 colouring templates, 1 instructions cum facts sheet and a map of major Rivers of India, Natural materials to make colours yourself, along with instructions.

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Customer Reviews

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Tamara Law Goswami
Inaccurate drawings and misleading information

This could have been such a delightful educational tool but I am so disappointed at the lazy research and some parts that have been put together. I live in the Northeast and work at the intersection of conservation and development. Please, please pay more attention to detail - however little there might be in the kit - so that it is factual and accurate.

Dear Tamara ,
Thanks for your feedback. We are always striving to improve our kits with our customers' feedbacks.
It will really help if you can tell us more specific points, which is the information that needs correction, we will incorporate your valuable feedback.

We are planning to cover the diverse cultural aspects of North East this year through our kits , including costumes, artforms, architecture etc. And plan to rework on the river as well.

We can take this conversation forward on email.

Thanks for taking time out to write to us.