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DIY Paper Christmas Ornaments Kit with Gond Painting

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Type: Art Kits

Educational DIY kit for Age 6 years + Gond Decoration Kit offers a captivating artistic experience that brings the enchanting world of Gond art from Madhya Pradesh. to your fingertips. Create your own Gond-inspired forest animal decorations!

Gond Art, known for its vibrant colors and mythical creatures, uses dots and lines to create beautiful nature-inspired paintings filled with animals, birds, and trees. Through Gond art, kids can explore the wonders of nature and learn about indigenous cultures.

This kit makes for a great solo creative session , a group activity, or for crafting parties ! The completed Gond decorations can be displayed as unique pieces of art in your room or given as thoughtful gifts to loved ones. This kit offers a truly immersive crafting experience that celebrates art, culture, and the joy of creativity.

This Kit encourages non-digital and tactile play . We stimulate creative thinking and imaginative play while sharing the rich cultural heritage of India.

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