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DIY Paper Lantern Making Kit with Pithora

DIY Paper Lantern Making Kit with Pithora

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Dimensions: 20.5*20.5*1 CM

Educational DIY kit for Age 6 years + Pithora Paper Lantern Kit is a perfect blend of creativity and cultural exploration. This kit allows you to craft your very own Pithora-inspired paper lantern, a traditional art form from Gujarat, India.

Pithora painting, an ancient tribal art form from Gujarat is known for its vibrant colors and intricate designs. This art form is generally commissioned by the tribals when their children are unwell or any other health related issues at home, to please the Gods and Goddess. You can bring this ancient art to life with our DIY Pithora Paper Lantern Kit.

This kit makes for a great solo creative session , a group activity, or for crafting parties ! Once your paper lantern is complete, it can serve as a stunning decorative piece, adding a touch of cultural charm to any space. Illuminate it with a tea light or LED candle to create a warm and inviting ambiance. The Paper Lantern Kit offers a truly immersive crafting experience that celebrates art, culture, and the joy of creativity.

This Kit encourages non-digital and tactile play . We stimulate creative thinking and imaginative play while sharing the rich cultural heritage of India.

Potli is a member of FAIR TRADE FORUM-India. We follow all FAIR TRADE practices laid down by the Forum.

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