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GANJIFA Printed Playing Cards Athrangi Set/96

GANJIFA Printed Playing Cards Athrangi Set/96

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Dimensions: 33.5*10.5*9.5 CM

Ganjifa Athrangi Cards is a stunning fusion of art, heritage, and card gaming. Step into a world where history meets playfulness with this unique deck of cards that celebrates the rich tradition of Ganjifa.

Whether you're looking to engage in traditional Ganjifa card games or simply appreciate the beauty of art, our Ganjifa Athrangi Cards are a treasure to behold. They make a captivating addition to any card collection, an exquisite gift for art lovers, and a means to connect with the vibrant history of India.

This exclusive set of Athrangi Ganjifa consists of 96 printed cards originally illustrated with hand painted birds. The birds are drawn freestyle, peppered across the card surfaces in no particular order or angle of placement.

Potli is a member of FAIR TRADE FORUM-India. We follow all FAIR TRADE Practices laid down by the Forum.

Care Instructions- water resistant but not water proof. Keep away from long exposure to sun and water.

Inclusions - 96 printed cards, beautifully illustrated and hand painted originally by Artist Banamalli Mohapatra , packed in a very classic style box. Fact sheet and instruction on how to play, inside the box.

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