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Colouring kit HUTS OF INDIA - Ikra Huts of Assam

Colouring kit HUTS OF INDIA - Ikra Huts of Assam

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21*21*1 CM

Educational DIY Colouring and activity kit for 6 years + . Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the country as you construct miniature replicas of the traditional huts from various regions of India.

Each kit features meticulously designed templates with components that represent the unique characteristics of different Indian Vernacular architecture, from the materials used to the interiors.

This Kit makes a good source of artistic expression, as well as an educational experience. Learn about the different hut designs, their historical significance, and the regions they originate from. Use them as educational tool for children to learn about India's diverse cultural landscape as they engage with this hands-on activity.

This Kit encourages non-digital and tactile play . We stimulate creative thinking and imaginative play while sharing the rich cultural heritage of India.

Potli is a member of FAIR TRADE FORUM-India. We follow all FAIR TRADE practices laid down by the Forum.

Includes a colouring template, natural colours with instructions on how to make colours from them, and a facts sheet about the vernacular architecture of Assam.

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