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GANJIFA Hand painted Dashavtar Cards Abridged Set/5 S

GANJIFA Hand painted Dashavtar Cards Abridged Set/5 S

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Dimensions: 9*9*1.5 CM

This superbly handcrafted set of 5 Ganjifa Dashavtar cards is a miniature masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of traditional Ganjifa Playing cards. This set showcases a carefully curated collection of exquisitely designed cards of last 5 avatars of Lord Vishnu, each handcrafted with utmost precision and attention to detail.

These cards make beautiful souveniers to be placed on your shelf or can be framed to make a beautiful Wall art ! Despite its smaller dimensions, it does not compromise on quality or aesthetic appeal.

In this exclusive set, each card has been carefully hand crafted and hand painted by the Chitrakaars (skilled artists) of Orissa in Pattachitra style of painting. Each card has been made through an intricate and long process using old cotton saris , and then painted delicately using squirrel hair brushes and crushed stone colours. The cards feature intricate detailing and intricate motifs, making them a work of art in their own right.

Potli is a member of FAIR TRADE FORUM-India. We follow all FAIR TRADE Practices laid down by the Forum.

Care Instructions- water resistant but not water proof. Keep away from long exposure to sun and water.

Inclusions - 5 hand painted Ganjifa cards and a miniature booklet about the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

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